Monday, July 19, 2010

Poem by Anthony Marabella

Poem written to Mrs. Shriver by Anthony Marabella, Special Olympics Massachusetts Athlete

There are not enough words that truly say how much you have touched my life and heart in a special way
For your helpfulness and commitment to people with disabilities throughout various communities nation and worldwide
You were the designer, the leader and the guide
Throughout everything that was done success and smiles came, along with so many friendships and the flame
We stand together here and we are proud
Our voices are heard and they are loud
With love and gratitude in all we do now do
For this we shall do for you
The one who made a dream come true
Mrs. Eunice Kennedy Shriver that person is you
Thank you for letting all dreams be achieved
Inside of everone when they believed

(Anthony, you are also an inspiration.)

Donate to Special Olympics online at by clickling on "Donate Now"

To donate specifically to Special Olympics Massachusets go to
Lovin' Scoopful Ice Cream donates 25% of post tax profits to Special Olympics

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Companies doing good: Lovin' Scoopful

On July 5th, 2010 The Washington Times posted a wonderful write up about the good works being done by Lovin' Scoopful. Here are some excerpts and we are happy to provide you with a link to the whole article.

"Silver Spring, MD (7/5/10) - Sometimes it seems that we live in a world of corporate greed- a society full of companies that are looking out for the bottom line and its executives and not much more. Sometimes you will find corporations that give back a little. Occasionally you find companies who give back a lot... Lovin' Scoopful is one company that marries a for-profit business model with a generous philanthropic strategy. I am particularly drawn to this ice cream company because, well, ice cream, and also because they give 25% of their post-tax profits directly to Special Olympics, which is an incredible organization doing a tremendous amount of good for people with disabilities.

...I recently had a chance to ask CEO [Dan] Samson some questions about the company and how it came about. I was delighted to hear that when [Dan] Samson and Tim Shriver were trying to find a business to start together, the idea of a cause came first.

...It is a wonderful surprise to find a company that doesn't just donate to a charity, but was founded for that specific purpose. I would love to see more companies follow Lovin' Scoopful's lead and partner with worthwhile charities to improve lives. "

Click on the title above to link to the article.