Monday, December 3, 2012


Isn't it odd how we hold onto things? A new friend was putting up a brand new tree today and I offered her some of my ornaments. I keep an ample supply because I change it up from time to time and I like to pull from various styles that remind me of different times in my life. I went into the attic and took out a couple dozen assorted ornaments and gave them to her. Later as I sat and thought about how many ornaments I was hoarding in the attic and how sparse a new tree can be when you're first starting to collect ornaments, I felt sad. I held on to so many that I should have sent with her. A few texts later she came back by and left with two arm loads of decorations and a big smile. Why did I hold back the first time? Why do any of us hold back when we know we have more than we need?

When I was in college studying manufacturing and inventory control we spent a great deal of time discussing streamlining manufacturing by managing inventory in a "Just In Time" manner (as opposed to "Just in Case"). With Just in Time you don't waste storage space and money stocking inventory for far into the future. It allows space for change, and change can be very good.

When we hold onto more than we need we aren't allowing space for change. I think letting go of excess allows blessings to flow through our lives.  I hope this Holiday Season we can all see the areas where we have excess and open our hearts to see the needs that excess can fill.  May God Bless you and bless others through you this holiday season!