Friday, February 28, 2014

Cultivating Kindness

Our focus for the month of March will be cultivating kindness and I hope you will all join us in this effort to promote a little extra happiness in the world.  We all have it within us to be kind, but oddly I've found that sometimes it's easier for us to show compassion and kindness to a stranger than it is to those we know.  It's so easy to develop opinions and bias that we allow to cloud our desire to truly show kindness to all.  As part of our March effort to cultivate kindness, I want to encourage our Lovin' Friends and Family to commit an unexpected and beautiful act of kindness for someone that has wronged you!  This can be the family member that seems to always know how to push your buttons, the cashier that overcharged you un-apologetically, the customer that gave you a bad review, or anyone else that's created havoc in your life.  With Random Acts AMOK (Annual Melee of Kindness) tomorrow, what better time to show not only the meek, the deserving, and the humble some kindness, but let kindness really run amok by being nice to those showing you the least kindness.  Maybe in doing so we can set a new example and let a little light into what may be a dark place for them. 

Let's cultivate kindness by:
1) Showing compassion without bias
2) Being mindful of opportunities around us and committing acts of kindness on a daily basis
3) Pushing our own boundaries to intentionally be liberal with forgiveness and kindness to those we feel have wronged us.

We hope you'll take time to visit our Facebook Page and give us your thoughts or inspirational stories.  March 1, 2014 is Annual Melee of Kindness and March 8, 2014 is Good Deeds Day.  It's a good time to ramp up the kindness.  I don't think there's ever really too much to go around.  Remember... forgiveness can be an act of kindness, too.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day from Lovin' Scoopful!

Most of you know that Lovin' Scoopful isn't your typical company.  We believe in doing more and we know you do, too.  To thank you for all the Lovin' you show us each year we want to return the flavor :) today.  We are offering our blog followers a promo code all your own.  If you follow Lovin' Nation (our Lovin' Scoopful blog) and began doing so before February 14, 2014 please go to and use promo code LovinNationValentine - <your blogspot ID> (so that we can verify you on our list of followers).  That promo code will be valid for you all month in case you don't get around to it today. 

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