Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Going beyond the scoopful

We’ve had a great time making some of the Lovin’ ice cream desserts. My son, Max, LOVES the Oh My Blueberry Pie PIE and my daughter, Alexandra, requested another Fudgy Nutty Cookie Pie for her birthday. Both treats were really easy to make and just give us more creative ways to eat Lovin’ Scoopful ice cream. Personally, I love the Coco-nutty snowballs. They’re delicious in vanilla and chocolate. I hope some other Lovin’ fans will send in their favorite ice cream recipes so we can try them too! - Jody

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  1. Veronica Dorman said...

    Your ice cream is wonderful. Everytime I'm at Walmart, I tell people how good it is. Please put it in at Smith Foods, and Albertsons. Thank you, Veronica