Monday, November 2, 2009

Shoppin' With Lovin'

Shoppin' with Lovin' is a program we are developing to help families find great products that contribute to various good causes. We like to call them socio-friendly products. When money is tight it's even more important to remember how many other things we can do to better our world other than just writing a donation check. We make choices in our day to day life that have a tremendous impact on the world around us. Be it making a conscious effort to purchase socio-friendly products or deciding to let that next car in line out ahead of you before you move on with your day, we have an outstanding opportunity to make the world a better place by making mindful choices. We hope you will use our Lovin' List to shop for socio-friendly product! Visit or for more information.


  1. Janice said...

    This is a great idea!

  2. Lin Company PS Shoreline, WA said...

    Our office loves this ice-cream and has shared it with family and friends. Why not share a treat that warms the tummy but also warms hearts with it's contributions. Keep up the good work!