Saturday, February 19, 2011

Socio-Friendly Products

Socio-Friendly products are doing for our society what Eco-Friendly products have been doing for our environment. Companies make many choices that impact the lives of people. Here are some of them.

*Profit allocation- As an individual, many of you choose to take some of the money you earn and give it away to help others. Companies do the same, but on a larger scale. When a company decides (and publicly announces) that they will give away a significant percentage of their profit to an organization created to help the lives of families (of any sort), it sends a message that they are devoted to creating a positive impact on others.

*Creative problem solving- Some companies have been "socio-friendly" since well before the description was around to describe them. The same was the case for eco-friendly companies. Some companies just made good common sense choices that have helped others. A great way for a business to be socio-friendly is for them to allow flexibility in work for their employees. Telecommuting, sharing a full time job between two people wishing to work part time, and flexible work hours (working 4 ten hour days, working slightly adjusted start and finish times, etc) have proven to be an effective tool in motivating higher productivity as well as creating a positive work environment.

*Involvement in community service- Whether this translates to putting collection jars out to help raise funds for a non-profit, allowing fundraisers on-ground, or employee involvement in community service, this is an outstanding way for businesses to help non-profits build awareness for their cause and (more importantly) GET THINGS DONE!

When a company is ec0-friendly, we hear about it. We NEED eco-friendly people, companies, and products. Just as important as eco-friendly, we need to start recognizing the socio-friendly people, companies, and products and support them! These companies are at the forefront of making our world (and work) a better place in a lot of cases by bringing added joy to homes.

Socio-friendly! Talk about it at home, at work, and think about it when you decide what products to buy. Support the companies and products that are supporting happier homes. With a little effort we can make great changes that improve life for us all.

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