Friday, May 25, 2012

Veterans and Military Families Receive Free Ice Cream!

Memorial Day is the last Monday each May and was created to honor Americans who have died in service to our country.  As with many other holidays, sometimes the meaning of the holiday is overshadowed by the sheer joy of having a long weekend to kick back with family and friends… a freedom we wouldn’t likely share if it weren’t for the selfless sacrifices made each year by men and women who have stepped forward to protect what is near and dear to us.  In doing so, many of their families have been left shattered by the loss of time together, the anxiety and strain of combat, and for some the loss of a loved one in the call of duty.

We want to show our appreciation by sending a certificate for a free 56 ounce container of Lovin’ Scoopful to the families of all service men and women, active or veteran.  You qualify if:

·         You, your spouse, one or both parents, or one of your children are in active duty in US Armed Forces

·         Or if you, your spouse, one or both parents, or one of your children have in the past served in a branch of the US Armed Forces and were for some period of time stationed overseas

To sign up for your free ice cream go to and fill in your address and contact information.  This part is very important.  In the open section at the bottom for notes please type either “US Armed Forces active duty” or “US Veteran” plus a brief explanation regarding who served.  An example would be “US Veteran- father served in Vietnam”.  Please feel free to pass along the offer via Facebook, Twitter, Email, or word of mouth. 

The fine print:  Offer ends midnight central time 5/28/2012.  Lovin’ Scoopful is not available in all areas.  Please visit our store finder at to make sure we’re available in your area.  We reserve the right to amend the offer and to not mail certificates into states where Lovin’ Scoopful is not sold.  Offer limited to the first 100 requests.  Only one certificate per household, address, or email address. 

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