Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Share the Lovin' outside!

Most of us have had a long harsh winter, but spring is on the horizon!  Daffodils are emerging and afternoons are warm, beckoning us outdoors.  As you plan your springtime events, don't forget to include Lovin' Scoopful Gourmet Light Ice Cream.  We have a couple of tips that will help you keep it frozen when there isn't a freezer handy.

Dry ice is one of the most convenient ways to keep ice cream and cold when a freezer is not available.  Although when shipping frozen products with dry ice the ice is placed on top of the food item, this can freeze ice cream at such a low temperature that it’s difficult to scoop.  Avoid this problem by putting the dry ice UNDER the ice cream.  Carefully break the dry ice into smaller pieces (fist size or smaller) and cover the bottom of an ice chest with the pieces.  On top of the dry ice layer several sheets of newspaper, then put your containers of Lovin’ Scoopful Ice Cream on top of the newspaper and close the ice chest lid until you’re ready to serve.  Check your ice cream periodically to be sure it’s staying solidly frozen, but not too hard to scoop.  To increase the cooling effect you can add a little bit of dry ice onto the top of the ice cream packages, but be careful not to get it so cold that you have difficulty scooping it!  

Always follow proper safety procedures and handling when dealing with dry ice.  Most grocery stores that sell dry ice have handling instructions they can provide upon request.

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