Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New $1 Off Coupon Available!

Back by popular demand, Lovin' Scoopful is again offering $1 off coupons that you can print from home.  Visit SmartSource and follow the simple directions on the screen.  We appreciate you and hope you enjoy even more Lovin' this summer!


  1. Scott A. Bills said...

    I printed your coupon this morning, went to Walmart here in Mesa, AZ and they refused the coupon. I refused to purchase your Ice Cream.

    1. Scott, First please let me express how sorry I am that you had that experience. We've never had any trouble from Walmart with regards to the coupons. I live a few miles from their home office and I'll contact first the store and then home office if necessary. I'll need a bit of information.

      There are several Walmart stores in Mesa and I need to know which one. Please review the list and let me know if it was at one of these addresses & which one (6131 E SOUTHERN AVE, 857 N DOBSON RD, 4505 E MCKELLIPS RD, 1955 S STAPLEY DR, 240 W BASELINE RD, 1606 S SIGNAL BUTTE RD, 2725 E MCKELLIPS RD, 1916 S LINDSAY RD, 730 E MCKELLIPS RD, 1710 S GREENFIELD RD).

      Next I need to know as much as possible about the interaction with the clerk. Did he/she give a reason? Did you use other coupons? Did you use other Lovin' Scoopful coupons? If you can send me either a picture of your receipt or details from your receipt (it will contain information on who checked you out and at what register) it will help the store manager get to the bottom of the issue. Email any information to and I will help sort it out. I work really hard to make things right, so if you will email me I'll work just as hard to make you happy. -Tamara